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FAQ'S and Facts

Below are some commonly (and not so commonly) asked questions as they relate to FAST's service. Click on a question to take you straight to the answer.

1. Seeing how I will be travelling with FAST and Con-X-ion, does that mean I have to make two separate bookings for the one trip?

Not at all! Just call us on 1300 177 207 and we forward the travel details onto Con-X-ion, who then complete your reservation.

2. FAST tell me that they will not pickup or drop-off at my address… Why not?

The biggest reason for people being turned down by FAST is because their pickup or drop-off location is outside of our area of operations  (Please click here to see where we pickup and drop-off from). Even if you are only a minimal distance outside of the boundary, FAST are still unable to provide service as it increases the risk of “creeping”… This is where people witness us moving further and further outside of our area of operations, thus expecting FAST to service that area again in the future (at the expense of our efficient timetable!). 

To effectively counter this issue, FAST has decided on strict boundaries. If you agree to meet us on a boundary though, we can happily pick you up from there! 

A less common reason is for people who we refer to as “no‐shows” and who are not present upon our arrival at a specified address. We do realise that genuine errors occur, but as a precaution we will insist that future pickups for certain individuals or addresses require pre‐booking by credit card only to secure any future reservations.

3. The driver showed up but refused me service!

Rarer still are occasions where our drivers will not accept the carriage of certain passengers, such as people who are: 

     a) aggressive or highly argumentative; 
     b) clearly under the influence of alcohol or narcotics; 
     c) unable to provide payment before the commencement of a journey, or; 
     d) likely to soil, damage or adversely affect our vehicles in any way. 

Please note that cigarette, drug & alcohol consumption is illegal on all public passenger vehicles within Australia. This also applies to drinking or eating of any kind, even if consumed from sealed containers, packets or bottles. 

Should a driver become concerned about anyone's health or well‐being with regards to a passenger's behaviour, they can (and in all likelihood will) request that the passenger disembark the vehicle once the driver has pulled over to a safe spot. The driver is in no way obligated to return the passenger back to where they were first picked up, unless the passenger is 14 years of age or under and unaccompanied. 

In accordance with the Transport Operations (Passenger Transport) Act 1994, it is against the law for a passenger to disobey the driver's direction to exit a public passenger vehicle when told to do so. Of course, we will reserve this right for only the most exceptional of cases.

4. When I booked I was told a certain time for a pickup, but the bus showed up earlier/later than stated!

Picking up people across the Bribie region can be an inexact science at times and this is especially the case where multiple pickups are present on the one service. Any time that is provided to you by FAST is approximate and the driver could arrive up to 15 minutes either side of a stated pickup time. For this reason, we ask that all passengers are ready at least 15 minutes prior to any stated pickup time. 

The number of people travelling on a service is generally known in advance and we can gain a better idea as to the approximate time when you will be picked up. Rest assured that our drivers will meet the main Con-X-ion service, otherwise they will make every possible effort to get you to your destination on time, even if it is at FAST's cost. 

It is strongly recommended that all passengers provide a contact telephone number where they can be reached in case of a change of plans or the driver becomes indisposed. If you find yourself becoming concerned about the time that you are waiting for a bus and 15 minutes has passed since your stated booking time, then please call 1300 177 207

5. The driver dropped me off at the area where I transfer over to a waiting bus, but they didn't wait around with me for it to arrive!

Due to the scheduled nature of airport shuttles, it may not always be possible for a driver to remain with a passenger because of other pickup or drop-off commitments. Normally, the drivers will happily wait with a passenger until the main service arrives but it should be known that our drivers aren't always bound to do so, except when the passenger is aged 14 years or under ‐ then the driver is required to stay with the child until the main service arrives. 

It is normally the elderly, the pregnant, lone females and anxious people who prefer not to be left alone at the changeover points. However, all changeovers take place at highly visible, 24‐hour service centres with video surveillance and around-the-clock staffing. Should a passenger feel uncomfortable waiting outside, they should move indoors to a place where they are still able to view their arriving bus.

6. Why doesn't FAST go all the way to the airport?

FAST could go to the airport if it were to have a significant investment in both vehicles and drivers but at this present moment we are unable to outlay for both. We realise that some may be slightly inconvenienced at having to changeover to another bus but since we collaborate with Con-X-ion (who are an established airport shuttle company and are already travelling that way) means FAST can offer reasonable fares and an efficient hourly service for all locally-based passengers.

7. Once I have touched down at the airport and collected my luggage, where do I go then?

FAST has diagrams as to  where passengers need to go once they have cleared the arrivals area at their respective port of entry. 

For all passengers touching down at the Brisbane Domestic airport, they need to collect their luggage from the carousel area and then make their way to the Con-X-ion bus stop located in front of the Virgin Terminal on Roadway One. If a passenger has been advised of a pickup by one of FAST's own shuttles, then they are required to make their way over to our bus-stop on Roadway Five. This will require the passenger to enter up onto the large elevated passenger walkway that spans all the roads and ‐ keeping to the right hand side of this walkway ‐ continue past the AirTrain railway station entrance until coming to a ramp that is marked “Bus and Coach Area”. Take this moving platform downwards or use the elevator nearby if required and make their way over to the green sign marked “C2”. If in doubt, please approach the white reservations kiosk on the footpath out front of the Virgin terminal building and ask for directions to the Bus and Coach roadway. All Con-X-ion buses depart the Domestic terminal at half past the hour, every hour (5:30AM - 9:30PM). 

For all passengers touching down at the Brisbane International airport, they need to make their way to the Information Kiosk located directly in front of the Customs Exit on the Arrivals Level so as to advise the representative behind the desk of their arrival. The passenger will then need to make their way to the “Coach Departures” area, which is located at the bottom left of the ramp leading downwards to the parking bays outside and to the left of the Arrivals level of the International terminal. Alternatively, one may ask the information kiosk staff directly in front of the Customs exit inside the terminal building to direct them to the “Coach Departures” area. All Con-X-ion buses depart the International terminal at quarter to the hour, every hour (5:45AM - 9:45PM). 

For all passengers touching down at the Maroochydore/Sunshine Coast airport, they need to make a right out of the arrivals gate, past the luggage carousels and over to the Con-X-ion desk near the exit BEFORE collecting their luggage so as to advise the representative behind the desk of their arrival. The Con-X-ion bus arrives at the bus bay directly outside the doors that are next to the Con-X-ion desk. Con-X-ion departure times for Maroochydore airport are varied, so please call Con-X-ion on 1300 266 946 to clarify bus times. 

For all passengers docking at the Brisbane Cruise Ship terminal, they need to make their way out to the concrete apron of the “Arrival & Departure Lounge”. If there is little shade, it is acceptable to move under cover where the shuttle buses can still be observed pulling in to the parking bays. FAST departure times for the Cruise Ship terminal are varied, so please call FAST on 1300 177 207 to clarify bus times.

8. I'm only going to be a few minutes late getting out to the bus… Will it wait for me?

It may seem absurd for some that a few minutes will mean the difference between boarding a bus and having to wait an hour for the next one, but it guarantees all other passengers that the service will leave when it's supposed to. To avoid unacceptable delays on account of later arriving passengers, the buses (much like buses used in mass transit) will not wait, irrespective of when a passenger says they will arrive. Should a passenger not meet a bus in time, they should let a Con-X-ion liason or FAST know so that they can obtain a seat on the next available service. 

Domestic terminal arrivees should allow 25‐30 minutes to clear the baggage carousels so they can secure their seat on their preferred service, while International terminal arrivees should allow up to 60 minutes to clear the baggage carousels and Customs so that they may secure their seat on their preferred service. The 9:50PM/10:00PM service of the evening is the only scheduled service that may be held back by up to 15 minutes for arrivees as it is the final service of the day.

9. My flight was delayed/cancelled and I won't make the service that I was booked to come back to Bribie & Surrounds on!

Not a worry! As shown on the  where passengers need to go page, walk over to the nearest Information kiosk or desk so someone can simply arrange for you to board the next service. If it is the final service of the evening that you will miss, call FAST on 1300 177 207 and advise us of your situation. If airport records show that your flight is indeed cancelled or late, FAST will make their best effort to honour your arrangement for travel back to Bribie & Surrounds. 

Please note that late arrivees may need to pay a premium for our after‐hours service if their flight is due in after the last scheduled service for the evening or their flight is due out before the first scheduled service for the morning.

10. Does FAST have a refund policy?

Yes, FAST's refund policy is similar to Con-X-ion's refund policy ‐ Refunds will be subject to the following fees:
  • Cancellations over 24 hours prior to departure usually do not incur a cancellation fee. - However, if payment is made via credit card prior to travel there will be a minor fee of $5 withheld for processing and administration.
  • Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to departure can be refunded MINUS whatever money FAST needs to pay the Con-X-ion portion of a reservation ‐ This is in accordance with Con-X-ion's nil refund policy.
  • Failure to board/no‐show ‐ Nil refund.
Note: While FAST cannot impose cancellation fees on passengers electing to pay cash on pickup,, we have the discretion to suspend further bookings and insist on recovering whatever price that Con-X-ion has charged us before resuming service. It is for this reason that FAST normally insists on credit card pre‐payment for any passengers requiring transport from Brisbane Airport/Cruise Ship Terminal.

11. I had a particularly unpleasant experience travelling to or from the airport. Is it even worth my time telling FAST about it?

Yes, most certainly. Perhaps it was the white‐knuckled ride that a driver gave you, an untidy vehicle or maybe some other aspect of the airport shuttle service that you found unimpressive… Since FAST wishes to present itself well and conduct itself professionally, knowledge of the things that may have let you (and therefore us!) down is key to our continuous improvement, giving us the opportunity to rectify any grievances. As a local business relying on community support‐ it is important that our reputation is not eroded away by an indifferent attitude towards people's concerns. 

In the interests of proper record-keeping and to minimise vexacious claims, FAST's complaint‐handling procedure requires either a hand‐delivered or postal service‐delivered letter to action a complaint. The letter should be addressed (or delivered) to: 

     Forrest Airport Shuttle Transfers, 
     P.O. Box 1221, 
     Bongaree Post Office, 
     Bribie Island, 
     Queensland     4507

12. Does FAST allow animals on their shuttles?

FAST only allows guide dogs and assistance dogs onboard, and they must lay on the floor for the duration of the journey. All other pets that aren't placed in a box or cage capable of containing messes will be refused travel on the shuttle. 

Please call 1300 177 207 before you book to avoid disappointment at pickup time.

13. Are FAST shuttles wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, our shuttles are not adapted to carrying wheelchair‐bound passengers. If a passenger is willing and able to be seated in the van and have their wheelchair stowed away in the rear, then we would accommodate them. Taxi services in most taxi districts within South East Queensland have vehicles fitted with ramps/lifts that are capable of transporting wheelchair passengers. Brisbane and Sunshine Coast‐based taxi services include:
  • Bribie Island Taxi Service
  • Yellow Cab Company
  • Black and White Cabs
  • Suncoast Cabs
Please call the taxi service that operates within the taxi district where you will require picking up from to enquire about wheelchair accessibility.

14. I need assistance for when I arrive at the airport… What are my options?

All airlines can arrange for a representative to meet and greet people who require assistance (such as mobility aids, wheelchairs, etc.) out front of the terminal building. Once your airport shuttle booking is made, please call and arrange with your airline as to what time you will be arriving at the terminal so they can be waiting there for when you arrive. Con-X-ion drivers are unable to assist passengers beyond helping them disembark the bus and unloading their luggage.
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